Shippert Medical offers a wide range of products that focus primarily in the areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery, ENT, and cell therapy.

Shippert Medical, headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, was founded in 1978 with an initial focus on ENT products.

In 2003, Shippert Medical expanded its offering to include the patented Tissu-Trans® product line. Tissu-Trans® is a family of products that focuses on harvesting and delivering adipose tissue safely and efficiently during plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and cell therapy procedures, while also saving time and expense.

The most notable Shippert Medical products and brands include:

The Denver Splint®
The Denver Splint® is a 60 second, moldable aluminum nasal splint that stabilizes the nose after trauma or surgery.

The Rhino Rocket®
The Rhino Rocket® is a sterile PVA foam nasal pack with applicator that is used for epistaxis management after trauma, nasal surgery or sinus surgery.

The Tissu-Trans® FILTRON®
The Tissu-Trans® FILTRON® is a sterile, disposable collection device for fat transfer that filters out nonviable cells during harvest. The FILTRON® is compatible with any aspirator and canulas, and is available in five volumes to meet the needs of all fat grafting procedures.