On February 24, DTR Medical hosted their first webinar “Continuing ENT Diagnosis Throughout COVID-19 Safely.” The successful event was hosted in conjunction with MediWales and endoscope-i.

The webinar was host to three gifted speakers including Gwyn Tudor (MediWales), Neil Mercer (Innovia UK), and Ajith George (endoscope-i). Focusing on Nasendoscopies, the event highlighted how to continue procedures safely with the active threat of COVID-19, while protecting both the Clinician and patient with the SNAP, Endoscope Guide. With only 8% of Nasendoscopies currently being performed in the 1st lockdown[1], the award-winning SNAP, Endoscope Guide was designed with the aim of getting Clinicians back to Endoscoping.

The keynote speaker, Ajith George (Consultant ENT Surgeon), discussed the benefits of using the SNAP device when Endoscoping as well as the product’s effectiveness and simplicity. Product demonstrations were performed with a variety of Endoscopes, including a final live demonstration that instructed delegates on how to implement a SNAP onto a Face Mask along with Ajith.


Fantastic Delegate Response

We have received some brilliant feedback from delegates so far, examples include:

“What a great webinar! A first for me and I really enjoyed the presentations/demonstration.”

“Thank you for the interesting webinar today I really enjoyed.”

“…such an engaging and informative webinar!”

SNAP, Endoscope Guides in use with KARL STORZ, DP Medical & PENTAX Medical Endoscopes

Shout out to Endoscope suppliers KARL STORZ, DP Medical and PENTAX Medical for lending their Scopes and a special thanks to Ben Pattinson & Matt Daniels (KARL STORZ), Jon Depledge (DP Medical), and Michael Unger (PENTAX Medical) for making this possible. These fantastic devices were essential to the demonstration of the SNAP device.

Watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ByyRV7t4XQ&t=3620s.

Safe Endoscopy Starts with a SNAP!

[1] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-52558135