Since the mere idea of face shield production at the beginning of April the entire Innovia Medical team has banded together to get all four face shield/visor manufacturing sites up and running! The team was so motivated to provide support to our devoted health care workers and it really helped speed up the process.

Eagle Labs started face shield production at the end of last week to help supply critical PPE all over the United States. They are enthusiastic about continuing the extraordinary work their sister companies have already begun!

DTR Medical produced nearly 40,000 face visors in their first full week of production! This is a huge feat considering the regulatory work and cleanroom preparation that had to be made to accommodate this shift in manufacturing.

The Network Medical team has been working around the clock since production started and on Sunday, they hit the milestone number of 50,000 face visors produced! The milestone was celebrated by the local community with the team named Heroes of the Day on the local radio station Stray FM following their hard work and donations to local healthcare workers.

Last week Summit Medical implemented more production efficiencies and outsourced face shield production to a local Minnesota company allowing them to produce more face shields and help keep the local community members employed! Summit Medical was able to produce and ship nearly 90,000 and donate 1,000 face shields! The donations received an outpour of appreciation from Bethesda Hospital.

Come back next week for more production updates!