Summit Medical’s new EZ Face Shield is similar to other Innovia Medical Face Shields/Visors but may be a better fit for your facility. The EZ Face Shield is available in higher volume with fast delivery times, has an adjustable band allowing the user to get the perfect fit every time and the packaging takes up less storage space! It is also available for half the cost of our standard face shields. All you have to do is quickly assemble your own face shield in five seconds or less.

The EZ Face Shields are still made in the USA, FDA compliant and offer the full face protection you expect to protect the wearer against splashes, sprays and bodily fluids. The best part about the EZ Face Shields is that they will be available for the foreseeable future! Summit Medical has permanently added them to their new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) product line.

To learn more about the EZ Face Shield click on the link above.