Network Medical Products designs and manufactures a wide range of ENT and ophthalmic products under its flagship brands CORONET®, EYETEC®, NETWORK ENT® and NETCELL®.

Network Medical, headquartered in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, has over 20 years experience designing and manufacturing medical products for the ophthalmic and ENT sector.

With their high quality and innovative products, sold in over 72 countries, Network Medical has built a strong and reliable reputation within the healthcare community.

Network Medical’s in house research and development team, works closely with leading surgeons and industry partners to develop new products and techniques, striving to improve surgical outcomes and push the limits of what is possible.

Network Medical has four world renowned brands which are sold via a network of specialist distributors:

Specialist single-use surgical instruments for corneal graft surgery.
Hero products within the range include precision trephines manufactured in house at the UK site, using exclusive cathedral blade technology to produce an ultra-sharp blade, for reduced tissue distortion and improved wound architecture.

This donor delivery system is clinically proven to reduce endothelial cell loss during DSAEK and DMEK procedures.

High quality ophthalmic PVA and cellulose products for the management of fluids.
Manufactured in house at the USA site, the range offers unrivalled performance across a wide variety of products including Eye Spears, and Instrument Wipes.

Single-use ENT instruments and devices designed to work with surgeons preferred technique.
Featuring an extensive range of Suction Tubes and Aspiration Cannulas which are shaped not bent for a continuous lumen and improved performance.

High quality ENT PVA products for surgical packing and the management of fluids.
Complimentary range of sponge products including the patent protected Series 5000™ Nasal Pack, which has been clinically proven to reduce trauma vs competitor products.

Network Medical’s extensive range of products is also available in non-sterile bulk for inclusion in custom procedure packs.

“Modern materials, modern design and modern process control are the drivers of Network Medical