InstruSafe®️ Instrument Protection products are designed to protect surgical instruments throughout the entire use cycle. InstruSafe’s newest product, their Stainless Steel Single Scope Tray for the da Vinci Xi Endoscope, is a great example of their collaborative innovation with Intuitive Surgical Inc. Not only does this single scope tray protect your endoscopes with silicone holders, but it is also made of lightweight stainless steel and is validated for both STERRAD®️ 100NX­®️ and STERIS®️ V-PRO­®️ sterilization cycles.

The new single scope tray design is narrower than Intuitive Surgical’s single scope tray providing more clearance on each side of the sterilization chamber. The additional clearance coupled with InstruSafe Rounders®️ Corner Guards will give you confidence that your sterile barrier will remain uncompromised. Taking care of your endoscopes and preventing tears in your sterilization wrap can have a tremendous impact on your facility’s overall budget.

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