InstruSafe® Instrument Protection Trays, Care + Maintenance Products and OEM Solutions provide solutions to uniquely protect and organize surgical instruments, both delicate and durable, throughout all stages of the transport, storage and sterilization processes.


Your Trusted Leader for Instrument Longevity.

InstruSafe® Products, developed by a team committed to providing solutions, uniquely protect and organize surgical instruments throughout all stages of the transport, storage and sterilization processes. Under the InstruSafe brand, two product lines are offered — InstruSafe Instrument Protection Trays and InstruSafe Care + Maintenance Products — both of which help to reduce repair and replacement costs and promote instrument longevity.

InstruSafe Trays are organized to give every instrument its own position within the tray and to provide 360 degrees of protection. Along with the standard trays offered, the option to create custom tray solutions is also available. Both standard and custom InstruSafe Trays are validated for steam and low temperature sterilization cycles with sterile wrap and popular rigid containers.

InstruSafe Care + Maintenance offers solutions that protect, clean and identify instruments. Some of the products available include assorted brushes, tip protectors, identification tape and sterile markers.

The InstruSafe brand also offers OEM services that provide you with complete, custom-crafted sterilization trays to protect and organize your instruments. Leverage our team of experts and existing 510(k) clearances to build solutions that are made entirely in the USA. Our hands-on, collaborative approach ensures all InstruSafe OEM Tray Solutions are engineered and manufactured to meet expectations, beginning in the concept stage and continuing all the way to the completion of the final product.