At Innovia UK we are transitioning our emails to now end with @innoviamedical.com, instead of the traditional @dtrmedical.com or @networkmedical.co.uk, which you have previously communicated with.

From Friday 23rd April we can confirm that both DTR Medical and Network Medical will have moved over to these new email addresses.

We would like to encourage you to take note of this change as it will affect all stakeholders and how you contact both companies from the forementioned date.

Innovia UK

DTR Medical (Swansea) and Network Medical (Ripon) are both part of the Innovia Medical Family of Companies, and form Innovia UK.

As Innovia UK, we are able to offer you the following internationally recognised brands:

  • DTR Medical®
  • Network ENT
  • Beaver Blades
  • Eagle Labs

Please note, by 23rd April all our email addresses will have changed.