The Innovia Medical team has come together in a truly amazing way to build a new surgical specialty that aligns with our goals of elevating care and improving outcomes for both patients and care providers. This was due in no small part to the fantastic leadership demonstrated at each of our companies.

Summit Medical management was the catalyst that sparked face shield production efforts in the US. President Kevin McIntosh found an open-source face shield design and brought the production process to life at both Summit Medical locations in Minnesota and the Eagle Labs location in California.

Though he couldn’t have accomplished this without a strong and resilient team. Allison Therwhanger and Marcus Super headed the sales and marketing efforts in the US and Tim Butina and Rich De Camp kept the operations running smoothly at Minnesota and California facilities.

Network Medical is approaching the 5th week of visor production, Neil Mercer (CEO) is delighted how teams from across the company have all joined in the production lines set up by Pete Schofield and his team. Facilitating the change from teams producing a small volume of highly precise medical devices to a production line pushing out thousands of visors per day was led by Quality Manager Sue Maude and her skilled team, working alongside Operations to enable production within weeks. From Accounts to HR, everyone is playing their part and no-one has been a stranger to the joys of labeling, stapling, sticking, and packing. Teamwork is such an excellent way for different departments to bond, and thanks to the numerous home-bakers there has been a constant supply of energy to keep going.

Network Medical and DTR Medical were able to work together to adapt the Summit design to meet the UK PPE regulatory requirements. The teams met with customers to make sure their specifications were met in addition to jumping the regulatory hurdles associated with new CE marked products.

The entire DTR Medical management team is involved in working on and running the Innovia Face Visor production lines, donations to our local community, working overtime including weekends and bank holidays, utilizing their own contacts to help spread awareness and fill the PPE gap.

None of this would be possible without Matthew Franks and his New Product Development team. They have led the UK development of the Innovia Face Visor as well as organized and operated the set-up of production lines and supply chains.