This past week Summit Medical, Network Medical and DTR Medical all hit major milestones in Face Visor and Face Shield production. After a busy week of production, it was great to see multiple trucks leave our warehouses and head towards frontline workers throughout the UK and US. We continue to increase our volume allowing us to ship more products in support of frontline healthcare workers throughout the world.

In the UK, we took a moment of silence to pause and remember those who have lost their lives whilst fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines.

We also received some feedback this week on the Innovia Face Visor;

“They were very comfortable to wear and were extremely clear. The Visor was a good length so that when bending my head down it would come in contact with the chest and stop any spray from going up and under the PPE.”

 – COVID-19 Ward

Over the last few days, we have received several thank you letters from our local UK and US communities after donating over 1,655 Face Visors/Shields. This has been a great motivator for the team, who continue to work long hours to produce vital PPE supplies.

Network Medical’s CEO, Neil Mercer, has appeared on several news channels and radio stations including the BBC to provide our side of the story in regard to the topic of PPE shortages raised during Prime Ministers Question Time.

Through our work with the NHS, we are also finding additional ways to help like DTR Medical becoming the first company to support Endoscope-i produce a ‘SNAP’. DTR Medical is supporting them by cleaning, packaging and distributing to ensure a safe product. the SNAP is used to scope patients whilst the clinician wears a mask and will be hopefully distributed to every ENT unit across the UK for free. To see how this works, watch the video here –

We are all very proud of how the Innovia Medical team throughout the world has banded together and risen to meet the challenge of growing demand. We look forward to meeting more milestones and sharing our story with you next week.