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How Can We Help?

HOW CAN WE HELP?! Calling all hospital personnel! We want to hear from you! We know supplies are running low due to the COVID-19 outbreak and we’re looking for ways to help. We are a medical device manufacturing company with a clean room, clicker press and...

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Innovia Medical’s Response to COVID-19

Innovia Medical's Response to COVID-19 Innovia Medical is committed to the safety and well-being of our customers, employees and wider community. Alongside this we understand the importance of having a reliable source of quality medical products. As a...

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How can we help you? Our Infiltration & Infusion Tubing is sterile to avoid cross contamination and is compatible with a wide variety of peristaltic head infiltration pumps #surgicalsupplies #sterile #Tubing #howcanwehelp

How can we help? As a Group Instruments that work alongside Ventilation equipment and Tracheostomies such as; Trousseau Tracheal Dilators & Tilley Forceps #Singleuse #Dilators #Forceps #HowCanWeHelp #ventilators #tracheostomies

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