In recent years there has been an uptick in male body contouring procedures to specific areas like the abdomen and/or the full body. A trim chest and defined torso are symbols of masculine youth in many areas of the world. Stay at home orders had most individual’s schedules (including body sculpting appointments) completely interrupted or canceled. With things returning to normal, most still want to achieve their ideal body for summer but may be on a shortened timeline, and liposuction and fat transfer are the perfect solutions.
The most successful aesthetic clinics that have reopened in the time of COVID are restocking on liposuction and fat transfer products prior to opening. It’s not too late for your clinic! Now is a great time to stock up on products for the summer rush. The Shippert Filtron, from Summit Medical, is a great fat transfer solution for procedures of all sizes. It is compatible with most aspirators and instruments and is available in five different volumes making it a practical and economical choice for almost any fat harvest or fat transfer procedure. Summit Medical offers several Filtron accessories including cannulas, waste canisters, various stands, and a pole bracket.
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