This week the Innovia Medical team wanted to provide face shield education in addition to our usual production updates. We’ll briefly walk you through some face shield history and share some fun facts.

A face shield is classified as personal protective equipment (PPE) that provides barrier protection to the facial area and related mucous membranes (eyes, nose, lips). Though it is not precisely known when eye protection first came to be used in the medical field, records indicate that a 1903 patent was granted to Ellen Dempsey of Albany, New York, for a transparent “sanitary face shield for protection from inhaling disease-producing germs.”

Though face shields aren’t perfect, they still do some great things! Face shields allow the wearer to nonverbally communicate unlike other forms of personal protective equipment. Did you know that on average 93% of communication is non-verbal? Face shields are a great option for almost anyone hoping to protect themselves but especially medical personnel who are surrounded by contaminants.

Last week Summit Medical finished its largest order to date and produced nearly double the face shields it has in previous weeks! They are quickly approaching a seven-figure milestone! As portions of the United States are re-opening Summit Medical wants to announce that their Face Shields are available for purchase with personalized branding for corporations hoping to provide PPE to their employees upon return to the office, the sales floor, the warehouse or the production floor.

This week Network Medical surpassed the 200,000 face visors production milestone! This would not have been possible without the team’s constant drive to innovate and streamline the production process. Alongside this work Network Medical has started to put plans in place to restart the production of their ENT and Ophthalmic products.

DTR Medical will be assisting in the distribution of a new COVID-19 friendly product! The Endoscope-I’s ‘SNAP’ device allows physicians to safely perform nasendoscopies which allows them to diagnose some cancers during a time when the procedure had been previously put on hold. It is brilliant to see lifesaving products supported by the Innovia Medical Group attracting so much media attention!

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As regions begin to open up the Innovia Medical team is planning for the future. Though we will continue to produce PPE at some of our locations, all locations are making plans to return to their normal production efforts as well. The team recognizes the importance of being ready to supply these products while also maintaining their PPE capacity as many countries across the globe emerge from lockdown and look for ways to commence normal healthcare services.

The Innovia Medical team continues to demonstrate its dedication to the cause by hitting terrific production milestones. Stay tuned next week to see what we’ll do next!

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