We are delighted to announce that the full range of Eagle Labs Ophthalmic products are now available in the UK through DTR Medical!
DTR Medical Business Managers in the UK are offering these products in addition to their already extensive variety of Single-use Ophthalmic instruments to better suit your procedural requirements.
DTR Medical now provides a full variety of Single-use Ophthalmic Cannula. This wide portfolio of types and sizes can be used for a vast range of procedures including; Anaesthesia, Capsule Polishing, Capsulotomy, Cortex Removal, Hydrodissection, Viscoelastic and Irrigation.
Eagle Labs Cannula are color coded for ease of use, enabling quick and efficient identification. Specially designed with a smooth tip, the single-use product has a continuous lumen to reduce the risk of blockages often associated with reusable alternatives.
In addition to this, further Ophthalmic instruments are now available from DTR Medical in the UK, are the Single-use Microsurgical Knives and Blades. These products can be used across a variety of procedures such as; Cornea Graft, IOL Implantation, Micro-Vitreoretinal, Scleral Side Port and Phaco.
Engineered with a precise microsurgical design, the Knives and Blades are chemically etched to produce a high-quality, sharp edge. With a lightweight handle, the knives and blades provide optimum control during procedures.
Eagle Labs has distributed medical devices throughout the world since 1988, with every product being manufactured in the USA.
Click the links below to download the Eagle Labs catalogs:
For more information on Eagle Labs products in the UK, contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.