Vaporized hydrogen peroxide has quickly become the leading method for terminal sterilization of reusable medical devices. While the technology around this sterilization modality is not new, many of the top equipment manufacturers continue to improve both capacity and cycle time. This is true with the STERIS V-PRO maX 2 sterilizer. Developed to deliver their highest productivity and improve upon the V-PRO 1 Plus and 1 Plus technology, the maX 2 features a Fast Non Lumen Cycle and pairs that with the three existing cycles from the Plus systems.

The best news about the release of this new sterilizer is that InstruSafe trays maintain their compatibility from the V-PRO 1 and 1 Plus with the new system and are now included in InstruSafe’s validated cycle matrix. To learn more about which validated sterilization modalities InstruSafe trays are compatible with and to download their latest matrix head to