Across Innovia Medical we have a lot to look forward to in 2021 as our lives begin to return to some form of normality.

MDR Compliance

The entire team has been working to become completely MDR compliant since the beginning of 2020. The UK team has been leading the charge with their website adding databases of their existing IFUs to their websites starting with Network Medical. The USA team has been hard at work updating their packaging and IFUs to meet the MDR requirements and build out the IFU databases on company websites. In addition to these updates, each team is creating better customer surveys to improve both products and services in 2021 and beyond.

New Products

This year we are excited to be launching a wide range of products that will add to all our current surgical specialty portfolios.

New Single-use Surgical Instruments currently being developed at our site in Swansea include:

Through our commitment to ensuring the safety of clinicians, we can also supply our new, award-winning SNAP, Endoscope Guide that was designed to provide better safety and care for both the patient and clinician. Released in November 2020, the device ensures safe passage of a Nasendoscopy through a Surgical Mask, creating an aperture for the Endoscope to pass through into the Nasal Cavity. This means that any coughs, splutters, or sneezes throughout the procedure are caught in the Mask, which is easily disposed of after use.

In addition to these incoming innovations, we are also offering both healthcare and non-healthcare workers our Reusable Innovia Face Visor. Introduced at the end of 2020, our COVID-19 PPE has been carefully designed to provide the user with top, side, and front face protection from aerosols and to minimise airborne cross-contamination. Maximum visibility is ensured with its N rated hydrophilic anti-fog coating to prevent condensation which allows an optically clear screen.

CycleTrak Robotic ModuleIntroduced in September 2020, the CycleTrak Robotic Module is making big waves in the USA sterile processing community bridging the gap between tracking reprocessing cycles and IFU compliance. CycleTrak was developed in response to FDA and IFU tracking requirement updates. It tracks and records reprocessing cycles for da Vinci Xi, Si, SP instruments and accessories.

Digital Footprint

In 2020 we launched several initiatives that have become a regular part of our digital presence including creating a blog, new video content, and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube pages and posting regularly on each. This year, you can expect even more updates from all of our surgical specialties on the blog and social media!

We’re excited to announce that our 2021 marketing efforts will include email campaigns including more regular communication and exclusive discounts for individuals that sign up for our email lists. We’re continuing to expand our digital resources this year with webinars, blogs written by industry experts, and increased communications.

Environmental Impact

In a continued effort to reduce our environmental impact we are also working to bring production back to the UK, this will help us in our mission to reduce our environmental impact on the world.

Innovia Medical Transition

Last year we took steps towards further joining our family of companies like fully integrating MD Resources into our Aesthetic & Reconstructive product line, launching the new Eagle Labs website & Brochure and transitioning Shippert Medical from a company to a brand.

In a big step towards coming together as one united group, we have now transitioned all of our email signatures to highlight Innovia Medical. Later on, this year, DTR Medical and Network Medical email addresses will follow suit and will be transitioning to While the way you order will remain the same, we are able to offer you products across 10 surgical specialties and 10 unique brands.


This year, Innovia Medical is starting to take center stage as the name that unites our unique company legacies and defines what our brands stand for. There’s a lot we’re not ready to share yet so stay tuned for future updates.